Who Are We?

Club Rocks Members 2011-2012
Club Rocks is an organization of persons who seek to promote interest in Geoscience at all levels. Our mission as a club shall be to give all students interested in earth science and related sciences an opportunity to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of these subjects, and to promote a greater appreciation of these subjects within the Wellesley College community. Club Rocks will facilitate interdisciplinary activities, such as co-sponsored events, field trips, lectures, and guest speakers. Within the Department of Geosciences, Club Rocks promotes social activities among majors, fosters student-faculty interaction, and promotes the department to the college community. This provides a means for Geoscience majors and non-majors alike to get involved with the department and learn more about the field.

Club Rocks was founded in 2008 by Kristen Ruben '11 and Sarah Hurley '11, two Geosciences majors who recognized the desire from students to connect with one another and proposed the idea for the club. Club Rocks became officially constitued in the fall of 2011 due to the efforts of then Club Rocks officers Kimberley Reed '12, President; Taylor Sanchez '12, Vice President; Noranda Brown DS '12, Treasurer; and Caroline Templeton '14, Secretary and continues to be a Wellesley College constitutionally recognized student organization today.

Club Rocks hosts a variety of events annually that include an open meeting every semester (usually held at the Lulu Firepit involving copious amounts of s'mores), a birthday celebration for famous Chemist Linus Pauling (usually held at Punch's Alley), and a campus-wide Campus Field Day where members of the Wellesley College community can participate in demonstrations and exhibits on display from current Club Rocks members and the Geosciences department (usually held at the Science Center in the spring). Membership is open to any Wellesley College affiliated student, faculty, or staff with an interest in the Geosciences.

Club Rocks Officers

Name Title Class Email
Caroline Templeton President 2014 ctempleton@wellesley.edu
Rosie Duncan Vice President 2013 cduncan@wellesley.edu
Noranda Brown Treasurer Davis Scholar '12 nbrown@wellesley.edu
Sarah George Secretary 2014 sgeorge@wellesley.edu